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Important note regarding delivery times: We do not keep rows of coffee in bags on shelves ready to go out for the simple reason that we want to send out the freshest coffee we can and having stock bagged up going stale on the shelf is not the best way to achieve this.

What we do is roast to order, if your order comes in and we don’t have part or all of it then it will go into the queue to be roasted up. The orders are parcelled up twice a week and go out Royal Mail 48 hour service which are pretty good and not too expensive.

The upshot of all this is that your coffee will not be with you the day after you order, and may take a week or so to arrive if you’re unlucky and send it in just after we have done a run. We are aware that this is slower than many other sectors but have decided to focus on quality over speed.

Our best advice is to order with plenty of time to spare which will allow us the time to get the best product we can to you. If you need something immediately we have stockists throughout the Borders as well as the full range in our Selkirk shop.

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