Barista training

The best coffee in the world will taste terrible if it is not made correctly. Espresso extraction involves high pressure, high temperature, and short times so it is very easy to get wrong.

Alongside our wholesale and equipment supply, the third and possibly most important factor is staff training. We can train your staff from scratch,  deliver some broad refresher training or concentrate on a specific area like latte art.

We run run our Barista training courses in small groups with usually no more than 6 people. This creates the perfect environment for you to learn and have plenty of hands-on practice. Private bookings are also available.

Latte art workshop 2 hrs – £40 per person
Barista training 
3 hrs – £84 per person
Barista training and latte art 
 5 hrs – £145 per person

Minimum numbers apply to these courses.

Course contents:

What is a barista?
History of coffee
Coffee belt
Coffee plant and its cherry
Structure of a coffee cherry
Different varieties of coffee
Grading and scoring
What is an espresso, ristretto, lungo
Understanding extraction
Under and over extraction
Key to developing good coffee
Milk dynamics

Coffee tasting evening 28 Nov

28th November

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Coffee tasting evening 28 Nov

Latte art workshop 5 Dec

5th December

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Latte art workshop 5 Dec