The finest coffee, locally roasted.

Three hills coffee are a small, dedicated team of coffee professionals on a mission to spread the word about good coffee, train and encourage best practice, and ultimately improve the standard of coffee that you drink.

We roast a range of coffees at our dedicated roastery in the Scottish Borders to supply both our wholesale customers and mail order to your home. We also have a coffee shop which is a hub for the local community, our demo space, and we currently run training there on state of the art machinery. In 2021 we are expanding to build a new state of the art roastery and training centre because both our current roastery and shop are too small.

Many people drink coffee every day, some of us quite a bit more than that. Our aim is to encourage everyone to learn just a little more about a subject that we are completely fascinated by; coffee is one of those subjects that, once you start to learn a little, becomes more and more interesting the further you go. Even just to learn the basics will really improve the quality of the coffee you drink, and you never know, you may fall head over heels down the rabbit hole as we have and discover a whole new appreciation for a subject that is more complicated than you might think.

We fell down that rabbit hole some time in 2016 and have been exploring, learning, and teaching ever since. Our motto for our wholesale customers is “we don’t just post you coffee” because there is no point simply changing one part of the equation and expecting different results. We visit you and talk about your company, then train your staff to the highest standards before setting up your machinery and checking in with you every week to make sure everything is going ok.

For those who order our coffee to make at home we take the greatest care to make sure you are ordering the right grind for the way you make your coffee, because the wrong grind will completely mess up the extraction and you won’t enjoy it as much as you could.

If you hadn’t already worked this out we take coffee quite seriously (but are refreshingly relaxed about how we go about it) so if you haven’t tasted our coffee we would encourage you to do so and if you serve coffee in your business, we would be delighted to invite you along to see how we work.

. . .

The shop.

In 2018 we decided to open a coffee shop to show off what we can do and give ourselves a great space full of state of the art machinery to train our customers staff. This took nine months and quite a few headaches to complete but has been really worth the effort. It is now the absolute heart of our business and has come with a few extra bonuses that we didn’t forsee. We could not have predicted the community that has grown up around the shop, regulars have become friends and people travel from further afield than we thought to come and hang out, drink coffee, and chat.

The team at the shop are a small group of seriously talented baristas, we are genuinely proud of what they create there every day and the food menu has evolved over the years (and is still evolving) into something that’s just a little bit different while sticking to the timeless appeal of simple, good quality food prepared with care and attention.

Our entire range of coffee is available to buy to take home, in beans or ground for the way you make your coffee, and guaranteed to be freshly roasted.

We are open Tuesday to Friday 9 to 4 and 9.30 to 4 on Saturdays.



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