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Update Feb 2018, the new shop.


Update Feb 2018, the new shop.

In January 2018 we finally got the keys to our new premises in Selkirk, we could not have been happier since demand has outstripped the space we had available and we really needed more room and larger machinery. Since then we have done a great deal of damage to the fabric of the building, tearing down old plasterboard, floors, ceilings and unearthing some interesting “features” which have had to be put right as we go.

We have however dropped the floor in the roastery bit of the shop, put in a second floor for storage, widenend an old stone doorway, and got rid of some ancient lead water pipe to improve the water quality going into our coffee.

The next big job is to remove a wall to create space for the counter, drop the floor behind it and completely re-do the toilet. Then we are onto wiring, plastering, floors and finally decoration.

It is dusty work and we are looking forward to getting past the “making more mess” phase and onto the “making it better” phase, this might be a while though.

The question we are asked most is “when are you opening?” and we wish we could say but right now we are concentrating on our existing customers to make sure they are looked after while we work away on the shop. Hopefully it won’t be too long